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Located in the popular Melton Road in Leicester, why not you treat yourself to a wide variety of the finest Indian sweet and savoury foods, made with the finest and freshest ingredients in the traditional methods passed down the generations.

Our hand crafted mouth-watering snacks are made from pure vegetarian ingredients and offer great value for money whether you are purchasing for yourself of entertaining guests.

Apart from the snacks and savouries don’t forget our popular Thali’s – these conveniently packed food parcels offer great value and even better taste.


Plain Barfi

Pista Barfi

Coconut Barfi

Chocolate Barfi

Fruit Barfi


Bundi na Ladu

Motichur Ladu

Churma nu Ladu




Garam Monthal

Amarat Pak

Gajar Halwa

Garam Gajar Halwa


Mini Sweet Sata


Malai Jambu

Coconut Jambu


Kaju or Badam Katri

Kaju, Pista Rolls

Kesar, Pista Rolls

Finger Kaju Rolls

Chocolate Kaju Katri

Kesar Kaju Katri

Habsi Halwa

Phool Khaja

Coconut Sandwich

Madhur Milan

Chocolate Mocha

Anjeer Cutlets

Anjeer Dry Fruit

Fruit Salad

Faluda Fruit Salad


Chum Chum

Pau Bhaji Small

Large Bhel Puri

Chana Bateta

Samosa Chaat

Dhai Wada

Ambli Mogo Chips

Plain Chips

Ambli Chips

Chilli Chips

Chips & Cheese

Chip Buttie Special

Bombay Sandwich

Veg Toasted Sandwich

Veg Cheese Toasted Sandwich

Cheese & Onion Toasted Sandwich

Pau Vada / Samosa Cob

Chilli Paneer

Chilli Mogo

Vegetable Biryani

Veggie Burger & Chips

Chana Masala

Paneer Tikka Masala

Paneer Biryani

Chole Biryani £3.99

These curries are served with either 2 rotis, 2 bhaturas or 2 purls

Thali £3.00 for One £5.00 for Two

Thaii 1 2 Curries, Roti/ Puri, Dal, Rice, Far- Far, Farsan, Mistan & Pickle (Monday – Sunday)

Thali 2 Urad, Rotla, Rice, Garlic Chutney, Far- Far, Farsan, Mistan & Pickle (Saturday & Sunday)

Thali 3 Akhu Ringra Bateta Shaak, Puran Puri, Rice, Kadhi, Far- Far, Farsan, Mistan & Pickle (Saturday & Sunday)

Thali 4 Khichdi, Kadhi, 4 Roti & Shaak (Monday – Sunday)

{5.00 offer on thali is only available if 2 of the same thalis are purchase & packed in the same bag. Individual packing is priced at {3.00 each

“Thank you Sital and Sheetal, for the excellent food and service for our wedding and reception, I would most definatly recommend Radha Sweet Mart Caterers for all types of functions. Thank you Sital and Sheetal, once again for organising and handling the entire event form start to finish.”

– karishma and Amit Patel



Radha Sweet Mart Caterers is located in the heart of famous Golden Mile region of Leicester. Specialising in a wide variety of mouth-watering Indian Mathai, Sweets and savouries all freshly handmade to perfection and taste.Besides from the freshly cooked and handmade sweets,